Cleaning Services Melbourne

Presentation is everything. The condition of a property and its common areas - such as gardens, foyers, hallways, lifts, windows and car parks - say it all to residents, visitors and investors, so it's essential that a building and its surrounds are kept immaculate and presentable at all times.

We recognize that certain properties and developments don't require a full-time building or facilities manager and just need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep common areas looking sparkling, safe and usable.

Driven Facilities Management can develop regular property cleaning schedules or tailor flexible cleaning maintenance property services and gardening packages to suit the needs of any residential and commercial development and any budget. We make it our mission to ensure your property remains looking its best and care for every property as if it's our own. Or see more in our caretaking section.

With a change in company structure in 2015, the available range of cleaning services by Driven Facilities Management has expanded, to include a broad range of cleaning management solutions. Since then, we have been recognised for providing reliable high quality cleaning services in Melbourne that are professional and efficient, whilst also cost effective for our valued clients and partners.

We offer a wide variety of residential contract cleaning services and commercial cleaning contracts to meet the needs and quality standards of any Owners Corporation.
Whatever level of cleaning services you require and no matter your budget, we can work with you and find a cleaning services solution to suit.



Our trained experienced cleaners have extensive expertise with a wide range of property types and surfaces, using specialised tools, proven techniques and industrial machinery to achieve optimal results.
Our window cleaners have access to abseiling equipment to reach any window on any development, at any height. Our gardeners not only maintain common grounds and keep them looking impressive, but ensure vegetation areas are functional, maintainable and environmentally sustainable. No matter the task, we have it covered and our team of specialist personnel ensure your complete satisfaction at all times.

Some of our cleaning and property maintenance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning - residential and commercial
  • Carpet cleaning and stain removal - residential and commercial
  • Common area cleaning and hard stain removal from car parks and drive ways
  • General grounds and gardens maintenance - paving and irrigation systems, mulching, pruning, planting, and lawn mowing
  • Trimming & hedging
  • Landscaping and design
  • Gutter clearing and drainage
  • Site clean ups and removal of hard rubbish and loose litter
  • Blowing and sweeping of rubbish in common areas and car parks
  • Other facilities management and cleaning contract services

Whether you need to keep your building in perfect condition all-year round, require a cleaner or a gardener at a specific time, or even if you are looking to reduce costs, Driven Facilities Management can help. Get in touch or call 0401 616 219.