Your Facility & Facilities Management Headache is Now Ours

Your Facilities Management Headache is Now Ours

Do you have a gym that stinks of sweat all the time? Carpets in your corridor that have spilled milk, juices, sauces, mud and just so much dirt into it that archeologist could use it for their discoveries? Or a beautiful wall that is now filled with ugly graffiti that a group of drunk teenage boys thought was funny? If you answered any of these questions as a “YES”, then Driven Facilities management (DFM) is what you need.

We understand how important it is that the facilities are well managed and therefore our team, that specializes and facilities management, is always at your service to take complete facility management responsibilities in order to make your life easier.

Our Facilities Management Services

A wide range of facility management services by Driven Facilities Management are offered because we want to be your one stop shop. Some of them are:

  • Cleaning your carpets
  • Maintaining your gym
  • Taking control of your garden,
  • Being in charge of your car parking area

Our trained experts have always got your back.

Our Philosophy of Building a Long Term Relationship for Facilities Management

We want to build a long term relationship with you – and when we say long term relationship, we mean something that passes down to several generations. A property is not a short term thing, these facilities are not a short term thing, then why should its maintenance procedure be a short term thing? Facility management services by Driven Facilities Management hopes to stay with you for as long as the facility is there. Facility management responsibilities are not something to be taken lightly, they require a lot of planning and hard work which our dedicated team is very much willing to put in.

Our team strives hard to make sure that the condition of your facility is preserved and its aestheticism is maintained. However, we go a step further to also enhance the place so that its long term value is protected for the investors as well as the residents.

Legal Facility Management Responsibilities

DFM is also very active when it comes to dealing with legal issues. We understand the legal requirements of facilities management Australia and make sure that we abide by them. We make sure that tenants are comfortable and at peace, and therefore it is important that we are well equipped with legal matters.

We Like Being Professional with Facility Management

DFM carries out its facility management responsibilities in a very professional manner.

We make sure that regular property inspections are done by our team and if any maintenance work is required, we arrange special meetings with the concerned parties. We will arrange everything from the start to finish in a very professional manner, that is to say, ensure licenses, insurances, and permits etc - whatever is needed.

Facility Management Services by Driven Facilities Management In a Nutshell…

If you ever need facilities management Australia, DFM is your place to turn to. Our services are of highest quality and our customer care actually shows how much we value our customers. We make sure that all your facilities, be it gym, pool, garden, carpet, windows, or anything else, which is so dear to you, is running smoothly throughout the year.