Caretaking Servies

Sometimes a building or development doesn’t require a full time building manager. Sometimes a building or development, needs a little bit more than just a cleaner, but a little less than full time attention. This is where our caretaking service would fit in. A caretaker is someone who can do a little bit of everything for your building.

A caretaker might suit your needs better if you don’t need a concierge sitting behind a desk all day, but you want someone who will come in and do more than just keep the inside of the building clean and tidy. Our caretakers regularly service gardens that go along with those buildings. They take their expertise from inside, to the outside. All facets of gardening are covered including soft landscaping, pruning, hedging, edging and mowing lawns, pest control and fertilisation, irrigation installation and maintenance as well as tree lopping.

Caretakers are also responsible for reporting damage or graffiti to a property, security checks to make sure the building is safe from the day before, changing light bulbs and putting forwards general maintenance requests that they believe need doing. Please contact us to see if a caretake can solve your property needs!

Caretaking Services by Driven Facilities Management